The Pancho Vladigerov Foundation was founded on 13 March 1993 in Shumen. It is registered under the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act as an organization for carrying out activities in the public interest.

    The Foundation’s main purpose is to relate spiritual values ​​to civil society through the promotion of the creative work and ideas of Pancho Vladigerov.

    In order to achieve this goal there are activities, among which are the National and International competitions „Pancho Vladigerov“ for piano and violin.

    The first international piano contest „P. Vladigerov“ was held in 1986 in Shumen. After the founding of the foundation, the competition programs included two specialties – piano and violin, and began organizing NATIONAL COMPETITIONS. These are musical events with a worthy place in the cultural calendar of Shumen and the country.

    The idea that provoked the establishment of the foundation is related to the pursuit in Shoumen to continue the international competition, named after Pancho Vladigerov. His first edition in 1986 is only for pianists. The visit of the famous Bulgarian violinist MINCHO MINCHEV with a concert in Shumen in the autumn of 1992 helped to develop this idea.

    The Foundation’s initiative combines two main moments: the first one – to continue the Shoumen tradition of popularizing the remarkable creative heritage of classical Bulgarian music PANCHO VLADIGEROV and the second – the concern for the growth, development and realization of the talented young musicians. This united distinguished Bulgarian instrumentalists and singers from the country and abroad, private persons, institutions and companies from Shumen. They established the Shumen-based foundation, a city with a rich musical tradition dating back to the middle of the 19th century, a city where Pancho Vladigerov’s childhood passed and which remains forever connected with his life and creativity. In 1983 the house on 136 Tsar Osvoboditel Street in Shumen, where the composer lived and created significant musical works, was transformed into a museum.

    Among the founders of the foundation are the following: the prominent Bulgarian instrumentalists – MINCHO MINCHEV, ATANAS KAREEV, MILENA MOLLOVA, GINKA GICHKOVA, SAVKA SHOPOVA-MARKOVA, DIMITAR KARAMINKOV, PHILIP PAVLOV, the Shumen – ANTON ANTONOV, VERA ANTONOVA, LUBEN RADULOV, YURIY AVRAMOV, KRASIMIRA KOLEVA, companies and institutions – „EKS-PE“ – Mladen Kozhuharov, „CATABUMI“ – Petko Tabakov, D.Voinikov, SHUMEN Municipality.


Art. 6. The Foundation’s main objective is to develop and validate the spiritual values ​​in civil society by promoting the creative work and ideas of Pancho Vladigerov.

Art. 7. To achieve this goal, the following main activities are implemented:

7.1. Organizing and conducting international competitions in the name of Pancho Vladigerov;

7.2. Organizing and conducting national competitions in the name of Pancho Vladigerov;

7.3. Organization of master classes, courses for interpretation and contemporary music, designed for various specialties and chamber ensembles;

7.4. Organization of seminars and theoretical conferences related to the work of Bulgarian composers and music problems from different eras, including modern ones;

7.5. Organization of concert activities, giving the opportunity to perform prominent instrumentalists and singers – Bulgarian and foreign, as well as young performers, laureates of competitions, authors’ concerts of composers, including charity concerts;

7.6. Making creative meetings with composers and performers from Bulgaria and abroad;

7.7. Publishing and information activities related to the dissemination of specialized literature, notes, audio and video recordings, musical films, etc .;

7.8. Providing support to young talents in the field of music;

7.9. Supporting the research and scientific activities of the Pancho Vladigerov Museum Complex and the musical work of the city of Shumen.

Art. 8. The Foundation’s activities and the spending of its funds can not be linked to political objectives engaging the Foundation in propaganda and agitation in favor of political parties and formations.


Art. 10. The property of the Foundation shall consist of all rights and obligations it has acquired, which the applicable law permits to the legal person.

10.1. All actions for acquiring rights, assuming obligations, managing and disposing of the property of the foundation are carried out by the order and by the bodies designated for this in the statute;

10.2. The disposition of the Foundation’s assets and the financing of its activities shall be carried out by the Management Board, within the limits of the available funds and in compliance with the Statute’s requirements.

Art. 11. The property of the foundation is formed by:

11.1. First