1. Pianists and violinists of all nationalities can participate in the Pancho Vladigerov International Piano and Violin Competition.

     2. The following documents must be attached to the application form (as per template): 

  • birth certificate / xerocopy /
  • creative autobiography
  • a recommendation from the lecturer or a well-known musician
  • two photos
  • a document for a translated fee for participation in the amount of the BGN equivalence of  EUR 100  / it should not include bank fees / on the account of the Pancho Vladigerov Foundation in First Investment Bank, Shumen Branch,

The Pancho Vladigerov Foundation provides half the amount of the participation fee to be paid by the participants from Bulgaria.

     3. The papers for participation in the Pancho Vladigerov International Competition shall be sent by March 15, 2019 at the latest (postmark) at:

  • Address: Shumen, 152 Tsar Osvoboditel Str. 9700 
    Phone: + 359 (54) 800 388 

     4. Any candidate who has sent the necessary documents within the time limit shall receive by 31 March 2019 a written statement by e-mail of his admission to the competition. The letter includes information on the registration of the participants in the international competition and on the drawing of lots, which determines the order for participation in the three rounds of the competition and the appearance of rehearsals. 

     5. Participants in the international competition are entitled to one rehearsal up to 20 minutes before the start of the first and second rounds, and in the third round, one rehearsal with an orchestra is provided on the day of the competition. 

     6. The organizers shall cover the cost of accommodation for participants who are ranked in the second round but from the day after the end of the first round to the day of their participation in the international competition, All other travel expenses, the entire stay in Shumen and the nights until the closing day of the first round, including the competition, are at the expense of the participants. According to the preliminary information provided by the applicants in the application form, hotel accommodation at preferential rates is provided, as well as a non-pay room for rehearsals. 

     7. Participants in the violin specialty are entitled to provide their own co-organizer / organizers do not pay for it or to work during the competition with qualified co-promoters provided by the organizers but for a certain number of rehearsals for the individual tours declared at registration of the participant and are not paid by him / her. In case the participants want more than the proposed number of rehearsals with a pianist, they are paid for by negotiation. 

    8. The application submitted by each applicant in the attached template documents the adoption and compliance with these Rules.